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Here at Untapped Health, Fitness & Recovery, we want to make sure your health is in tip-top shape. With our help we can provide nutrition tips catered to your dietary needs and health goals.

We Offer Meal Plans!

Untapped Health, Fitness & Recovery has four nutrition programs to choose from. Each of them will help you improve your health. How do you know which is best for you? Here’s a closer look at each of them.

This is an amazing 90 day total Detox. The effects of a ‘detox’ go far beyond being just a physical cleanse or a good way to lose excess weight; it is a powerful way to make changes on every level of your being.

 It’s a way to recharge, rejuvenate and renew says Linda Page, ND, PhD, a naturopathic doctor and author of the book Detoxification. “Anybody can benefit from a cleansing. It’s a way you can jump-start your body for a more active life, a healthier life,” according to Page. Detox means drinking — a whole lot of juice and little else — pushing everything else out of your system. You’re clearing out all the tubes and pipes.

A 90 day meal plan helping decrease hunger, increase feelings of fullness, boost metabolic rate and protect muscle makes them effective for losing weight and improving body composition. Protein is an important part of staying healthy. It performs the following tasks:

  • Repair and maintenance: Protein is the main component of your muscles, bones, skin and hair. These tissues are continuously repaired and replaced with new protein.
  • Hormones: Chemical messenger proteins allow cells and organs in your body to communicate with each other.
  • Enzymes: Most enzymes are proteins, and the thousands of chemical reactions that take place throughout your body are driven by them.
  • Transportation and storage: Some proteins help deliver important molecules where they’re needed. For example, the protein hemoglobin carries oxygen to your body’s cells.

This is 90 day vegetarian diet. It is associated with a higher consumption of fiber, folic acid, vitamins C and E, magnesium, unsaturated fat, and countless phytochemicals. This often results in vegetarians having lower cholesterol, being thinner, having lower blood pressure, and reduced risk of heart disease.

A well-planned vegetarian diet is a healthy way to meet your nutritional needs according to the Mayo Clinic. Some vegetarians rely too heavily on processed foods that can be high in calories, sugar, fat and sodium. They also can fall short of eating the fruits, vegetables, whole grains and calcium-rich foods that provide nutrients. With a little planning, a vegetarian diet can meet the needs of people of all ages. The key is to be aware of your nutritional needs so you can plan a diet to meet them. Let the experts at Untapped, help you get started on your vegetarian diet.

A 90 day meal plan with the best Power Foods. By eating power foods everyday you can energize and balance your body without costly vitamins and medical bills. Foods affect us on many levels and understanding these factors can help you make better health choices.

If you are looking for superb shape and want to reach your maximum performance, check out our Power Food Meal Plan. These meals will not be just any type of food. What you want to do is combine protein with carbohydrate and fat. This way you are able to control your appetite, feed your muscles efficiently and maintain muscle while trying to lose fat. Eating these regular meals helps you think more effectively, increases your attention span and boosts your mood.

If you are thinking of switching to a healthier diet, now is the time to do so. Meal planning is an especially important part of the process to help you stick to it while you learn the ropes. Get with the fitness and nutrition experts at Untapped Health, Fitness & Recovery to get started today. They can also get you some help getting fit or even a nice relaxing massage!

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