Couples Massage Class

Untapped Health, Fitness & Recovery invites you to join us in learning a lifelong skill. During our 2-hour, hands-on Couples Massage Class, partners learn professional Massage techniques that will allow them to give a better and complete massage. The Couples Massage Classes below allow you to leave with the skills to give your partner a full body massage or a massage that focuses on a few area.

$395 Value, for only $99

Total Class Time: Two Hours, on Fridays and Saturdays

Goals: This couple’s massage class focuses on basic massage principles. Couples will learn Swedish and Thai Massage techniques that will allow them to give the perfect full body massage! If you find yourself in Idaho Falls, this is the perfect Date Night as it combines a fun activity with learning a life long skill.

Each Partner receives one hour of massage from their partner, and one hour of instruction from a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Clothing: Please wear loose-fitting clothing; preferably shorts and women should wear a bikini top.

Provided: Delicious snacks and drinks, along with massage tables, linens, lotions and oils

Couples Massage Class

Untapped Health, Fitness, and Recovery offers a class teaching couples all about massage. This is the perfect package for those interested in furthering their massage experience.couples massage During this two-hour class you and your partner will receive a one-hour massage from your partner and then one hour of training from a licensed massage therapist. This couples massage class allows you both to learn how to effectively give a massage and leave with the skills to give each other a proper massage in the future. The class focuses on basic massage principles and includes Swedish and Thai Massage techniques. All of these combined provide for a perfect full body massage. This class is a great date night activity that also teaches you a lifelong skill. Plus, delicious snacks and drinks provided along with lotions and oils for you to use during the massage.

Caring for yourself is extremely important. Your physical health and mental health should be considered and cared for on a daily basis. Part of your self-care includes your relationships and their well being as well. Receiving a massage even once a month can greatly impact you overall for the better. You want to make sure you go to a licensed, trained and professional massage therapist. Untapped Health, Fitness, and Recovery only hires the best to serve you.

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